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Ki Coffee Box is a coffee culture box that tells the story of coffee's adventures around the world. Although many people don't realize it, coffee has played a major role in the history of our world and civilization.

Rich history

Originating in Ethiopia, it then traveled to Yemen, to Arabia and to India. From there it went to Indonesia with colonists, to Europe as gifts, and then to the rest of the world. Colonialism and world trade turned it into one the most valued commodities in the world and with its proliferation, it was taken into homes and communities and weaved into lives.

Coffee tells stories

Stories of immigrants, farmers, royalty, religion, families, healers, hunters, slaves and everything in between. No other drink is as deeply ingrained into the culture of the world as coffee. These captivating stories deserve to be told and by doing so, we can ignite excitement, passion, curiosity and most important, connection.

Sip the World's Secrets

Have you ever wondered how someone in Vietnam drinks their coffee? Did you know that in Ethiopia, the coffee fruit is cooked with butter and eaten as a snack? Have you ever thought about adding spices, eggs, nuts, alcohol, charcoal or vanilla to your coffee like they do in hundreds of other places around the world?

With the Ki Coffee box, your coffee wanderlust can be satisfied through the exploration of world coffee culture. Each box includes recipes, ingredients and tools that you need to explore the world of coffee and have an authentic adventure right from your own kitchen. And with each experience, we bring the world a little closer together through our shared love of that little bean called coffee.

Happy adventuring,
Ki Coffee Team

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