Our Impact

Ki Coffee is more than just a coffee brand; it's a bridge to the diverse stories of local farmers and roasters. Every box you receive shines a light on these dedicated individuals, showcasing their unique contributions to the world of coffee. We're committed to not only sharing their stories but also actively supporting their growth and sustainability

Our Commitment Beyond Coffee

Supporting Local Communities

In each box that you receive from Ki Coffee, we try to feature either a farmer or a roaster from the region that is represented. Their story is an integral part of the story we are trying to tell. We promise to give back a percentage of our profits directly to that farmer or roaster to contribute to the sustainability of their work and the sustainability of coffee as a whole.

Empowering Local Heroes

Sustaining Coffee Communities

Our journey with coffee goes beyond taste—it's about fostering a sustainable future. A significant part of our profits is reinvested into the communities that cultivate these exquisite flavors. This initiative ensures the longevity of their craft and the vitality of coffee culture globally, one cup at a time.

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